track record

We have handled disputes of various size and complexity both in litigation and arbitration proceedings. Our expertise ranges from contract and tort disputes (for instance in the fields of technology, finance and construction) to enforcement disputes, mass claims litigation and cross-border disputes (with particular expertise in private international law). We have a deep-rooted understanding of various arbitral rules and have represented clients in arbitration hearings worldwide. 

We believe from experience that cases are won by lawyers who seek a deep understanding of the facts and do not shy away from complex technical or financial issues to deliver unmatched advocacy. In addition, we believe the quality of legal advice is directly proportional to its practical nature. You can read more about our track record below.


  • Representing a cruise line in Rotterdam-seated arbitration proceedings administered by UNUM in a dispute concerning the construction of the world’s largest sailing vessel
  • Representing an oil and gas company in Kuala Lumpur-seated arbitration proceedings administered by the Asian Regional Centre of Arbitration in a dispute concerning the construction of an oil production platform
  • Representing a major contractor in the oil and gas industry in respect of the construction of a crude oil stabilization unit, gas-processing units and LPG storage and transfer facilities in Denmark
  • Representing the owner in a dispute concerning the construction of a new oil terminal located in Cyprus
  • Representing the contractor in arbitration proceedings administered by the Netherlands Arbitration Institute relating to the design and construction of wind turbine installation vessels
  • Representing the employer in ICC arbitration proceedings concerning two construction projects in Mexico
  • Representing the owner of a Dutch power plant in ICC arbitration proceedings concerning defective work
  • Representing a shipyard in arbitration proceedings concerning the design and construction of the world’s largest monohull crane vessel
  • Representing the contractor in a dispute concerning the design and construct contract for airport renovation works in the Caribbean
  • Advising the operator of the Dutch power grid on the FIDIC-based design and construct contracts for the realization of the Dutch offshore power grid
  • Advising a multinational on the FIDIC-based contracts for the design and construction of multiple automated regional distribution centres
  • Advising a multinational on the contracting for the development of its new research facilities


  • Representing a multinational telecommunications corporation in Enterprise Chamber proceedings regarding a multi-billion public cash offer
  • Representing a pharmaceutical company in a dispute with a former research partner concerning oncology research
  • Representing the holder of standard essential telecom patents in multiple patent infringement proceedings against a number of mobile phone manufacturers
  • Representing an IT services provider in a dispute with the Dutch state concerning the design and implementation of a new IT landscape
  • Representing a global manufacturer of electronics in Dutch court proceedings concerning alleged design and manufacturing flaws of a device sold worldwide
  • Advising a Californian technology company concerning a dispute involving patent infringement relating to silicon photonics and optical transceiver device
  • Representing a manufacturer of silicon chips in a licensing dispute
  • Representing a South American telecommunication company in litigation in connection with a cross-border restructuring

Finance and insurance

  • Representing a Dutch bank in a EUR 150 million dispute regarding the termination of a banking relationship
  • Representing a Dutch bank in a contractual dispute regarding alleged violations of its duty of care
  • Representing a Dutch financial institution in summary proceedings regarding the restructuring of a distressed company
  • Representing the bankruptcy trustees of a Dutch bank in a EUR 40 million dispute with its sole shareholder for the breach of a guarantee
  • Representing a pension insurer in litigation regarding EUR 50 million contract dispute
  • Representing a pension fund administrator in a dispute with a pension fund before the Dutch courts concerning alleged fraudulent invoicing
  • Advising and representing a major insurer in the Dutch Caribbean in Supreme Court proceedings regarding an insurance claim under French law

Mass claims litigation

  • Advising and representing a major airline against various mass damages claims following an EC infringement decision
  • Advising an international aluminium company against a mass claim for alleged polluting activity in Brazil
  • Advising a major Dutch financial institution on the private international law aspects of the defence against a mass claim for alleged manipulation of Libor and Euribor
  • Defending a Dutch-Belgian financial institution against claims by shareholders following the bail-out of the group

Enforcement disputes

  • Representing multiple clients in different setting aside proceedings as well as proceedings regarding the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards
  • Advising and representing an investment company on enforcement of an English judgment and related attachment proceedings in the Netherlands
  • Various proceedings related to evidentiary seizures in the Netherlands
  • Representing financial institutions in various disputes on the enforcement of security rights

Other commercial disputes

  • Representing group companies of a former Russian oil company in multiple proceedings about the preservation and recovery of assets following the expropriation of the company by the Russian Federation
  • Advising a major player in the music industry on various contractual and licensing issues
  • Advising a Dutch investment company on the defence against a liability claim for breaking off negotiations
  • Advising a Romanian investment company in its efforts recouping an outstanding loan
  • Advising the manufacturer of silicon chips in a dispute with a critical supplier
  • Advising an international truck manufacturer in summary proceedings relating to unpaid invoices
  • Representing multiple clients in so-called 843a-proceedings for the disclosure of documents and the pre-judgment seizure of evidence