About Staunch

STAUNCH was founded in the belief that excellence is measured by the quality of advice and advocacy, not by a large volume of lawyer hours.

The firm is committed to excellence in domestic and international arbitration as well as litigation proceedings in the Netherlands. With top-notch strategy and unparalleled advocacy, STAUNCH offers a combination of quality and efficiency at a fair price. STAUNCH is dedicated to exceed expectations and offers on point work product and results, not needless memoranda and hours. Effective advocacy requires analytical insight and distilling cases to their essence. Long-drawn-out submissions and pleadings make little impact on arbitrators and judges, while unnecessarily driving up lawyer fees.

At STAUNCH we do not staff large teams, in practice often resulting in little partner involvement and most of the hours charged spent by junior lawyers with little experience. Instead with STAUNCH your case is handled by experienced lawyers dedicated to your case. The result is highly effective and cost-efficient advocacy at an unrivaled price point.

STAUNCH favours alternative fee arrangement where pricing is not, or not merely, based on hours spent, but on real value added. With many clients we agree on outcome-based pricing.